The Ingredients


Using imported Italian Caputo flour, we have created a custom blend to optimize the structure of the crust for a crisp, yet chewy finish.  A solid foundation for the rest of the elements to build upon.

***we also offer a gluten-free crust


A fresh and simple sauce made from pureed Italian San Marzano tomatoes, and just enough ingredients to let the flavors integrate with the other elements.  Not too sweet, a little tangy.


We use 100% whole milk mozzerella and do not 'over-cheese' to keep the balance of the whole pie.  If you want extra cheese, you can ask for it.


We choose quality ingredients and source locally when available.  We recommend 1-3 toppings max on the traditional New York Slice that we offer for optimum balance.

the oven:

The Oven is a gas powered/wood-fire pizza oven, custom-made to cook pizzas at 900 degrees.  Pizzas will cook in 90 seconds at this temperature and have that traditional light New York crust with a fine array of caramelized spots on the bottom of the crust called 'leoparding'.

the salad:

Pizza and Salad are great partners, and we want to offer some of the best salad that you can find in this city.  You can pick the toppings (we offer some standard toppings and a rotating list of artisanal local and seasonal toppings to choose from) and we will hand-craft your salad with the dressing of your choice.

the dessert:

This is Noli's zone (Noli is our daughter);  the ice cream.  We bring you classic Italian favorites from our partnership with eCreamery:  Noli's Spumoni (pistachio, cherry, chocolate) and a refreshing Italian Lemon Sorbetto. 

We also offer delicious Cinnamon Knots made from our dough, with sugar & cinnamon.