The Ingredients


Using imported Italian Caputo flour, we have created a custom blend to optimize the structure of the crust for a crisp, yet chewy finish.  A solid foundation for the rest of the elements to build upon.

***we also offer a gluten-free crust


A fresh and simple sauce made from pureed Italian San Marzano tomatoes, and just enough ingredients to let the flavors integrate with the other elements.  Not too sweet, a little tangy.


We use 100% whole milk mozzerella and do not 'over-cheese' to keep the balance of the whole pie.  If you want extra cheese, you can ask for it.


We choose quality ingredients and source locally when available.  We recommend 1-3 toppings max on the traditional New York Slice that we offer for optimum balance.

the oven:

The Oven is a gas powered/wood-fire pizza oven, custom-made to cook pizzas at 900 degrees.  Pizzas will cook in 90 seconds at this temperature and have that traditional light New York crust with a fine array of caramelized spots on the bottom of the crust called 'leoparding'.

the salad:

Pizza and Salad are great partners, and we want to offer some of the best salad that you can find in this city.  It starts with a blend of Romaine and Spinach, Carrots, Cucumbers and Croutons.  

You can pick additional toppings and we will hand-craft your salad with the dressing of your choice.  

Our signature dressing is Momo's Poppyseed, which you can now take home in a mason jar, just as our Momo does for us when we gather for family dinners.

for dessert:

We have introduced a new vanilla Panna Cotta dish that is topped with tart sour cherries.  We also offer delicious Cinnamon Knots made from our dough, with sugar & cinnamon.