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Second Sunday

Second Sundays in Blackstone

A neighborhood event centering at 40th & Farnam, local businesses will be open for exploring the culture and happenings that are elements within the Blackstone District.  Stop by to enjoy spring this Sunday, April 12

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11:00 AM11:00

Opening Day

We've passed the last inspections, and we're ready to peel back the paper, and start serving our New York style pizza pies in the Blackstone district.  We are local Omaha folk who sometimes travel to New York- Just for the pizza (and close friends, too...)  We're excited to bring this experience back home.  Come on in for a slice or two of pizza and a fresh salad.  We will soon have craft brews, italian wines and a small (but quality) bar available.  But for now, just come in to taste the water.

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