New York City Municipal Tap Water

it's the water...

Ever since I first heard boasts from New Yorkers' about their pizza and bagels-  I was skeptical.  I mean, I love a good pizza and bagel-  what was I missing out on?  "It's the water..." they would reply.  So what's up with the City Tap Water?  It was years before I was convinced of a good answer.

Map of the New York City watershed

Map of the New York City watershed

Water to fill New York City's water pipes comes from two main watersheds (Croton & Catskill) Years ago, when industrialization of the rural farmlands was threatening the water supply with chemical run-off, New York invested to protect the watersheds from the source, rather than have to invest in the infrastructure down the line to remove the impurities.  So the municipal tap water is one of the most pure, and is filtered through the granite substrata of upstate New York.  The mineral content makes the water soft, and unique to that area.

When we were in NYC doing our 'reconnaissance' pizza tour, the idea hit us.  It would be great to somehow source the water and bring another layer of authenticity to our pies.  While the notion had crossed our mind to ship jugs cross country, back in Omaha, we came across a company which promised to profile the water and set up a filtration system that would produce a copy of the water.  

Our friends in New York City filled up a gallon of water for us and shipped it to our home.  Tasting this water against our own tap water was a revelation.  It was indeed very pure.  Tasted like pure water.

After testing we discovered that NYC tap water has 80 ppm of impurities, while pure water boasts 20 ppm.  But typical Omaha tap water has upwards of 400 ppm.  With water like the NYC municipal tap flowing into our Pizza, we have brought that extra layer to the quality and taste of a good New York Pizza.  Come on in and have a slice and grab a drink of water, also.  Taste the difference.


A more in-depth look at the environmental watershed protection project here:   How New York City Kept Its Drinking Water Pure in Spite of Hurricane Sandy (Huffington Post)

A taste-test of different cities' water (NY, Chicago, LA) with Notable New York Pizzaiolos & Ted Allen